Amazon are getting serious about the Aussie market bringing more and more equipment from the Alexa range of devices to our market. The Echo Link and Echo Link Amp have both started sales here in Australia.

Both bring Alexa functionality to your home through the Alexa app or voice control directly on the devices to get what you want out of them.

Echo Link AU$299

Echo Link is an Alexa Companion Device that connects your high-fidelity stereo system or powered speakers to streaming music services. Echo Link includes analog, optical, coax, 3.5mm amplified headphone, and subwoofer line-outs for output as well as analog, optical, and coax line-ins to connect and play music directly from another audio devices in your home.

Echo Link Amp AU$459.00

Echo Link Amp has all the same features as Echo Link, with the addition of a built-in 60W per channel, 2-channel amplifier along with left and right speaker binding posts to support wiring directly to passive/non-powered speakers.

It’s a new twist on bringing streaming music and voice data to your home from Amazon and will be interesting to see how the sales of these, as well as development of the Alexa ecosystem grows in the future.

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The Echo Link appears to offer the same functionality as the Chromecast Audio, albeit with significantly improved physical connectors? The Echo Link Amp looks like a good competitor for the Sonos equivalent amp.