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Recent rumours have suggested that Samsung intends to launch 4 variants of the Galaxy Note 10 this year, similar to the Galaxy S10 (S10, S10+, S10e and S10 5G for those of you playing at home). Today, a rumour from the UniverseIce Twitter account might give us a clearer distinction.

The Galaxy Note has been accused of becoming little more than a supersized Galaxy S phone with stylus input, and it sounds like Samsung might be about to answer that and get us excited about the Note 10.

Previous reports indicated we’d see two distinct sizes of Note device this year, with 6.28- and 6.75-inch screen sizes in tow, with some distinctions in specs between the models.

The Galaxy Note range has the reputation of being focused on power users with bigger batteries, larger screens and gruntier specs, but that’s a distinction that’s faded away a little over the last couple of years. Similarly, the distinction of a larger screen design has also faded with mainstream phones regularly encroaching into its traditional 6-plus-inch-screen space.

It’s possible the Pro series could see a return to beefier specs along with pushing the screen size closer to 7 inches. Maybe Samsung will cram in a newer Exynos processor, or spec the Pro models up with more RAM for better performance. It’s also possible there’ll be something new on the display side to account for that larger screen.

It’s a bit too early to tell (sorry, that’s all speculation), but every iteration of the Galaxy Note gets the industry and enthusiasts excited, and we’re sure we’ll start seeing some leaks soon.

Source: UniverseIce (Twitter).

Jason Murray   Assistant Editor

Jason Murray

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