Google Pay have had some decent bonuses in recent times, including the Washington Post freebie late last year. I have enjoyed reading about all the happenings in Washington for the past few months and now Google have another bonus for Google Pay users – The Financial Times.

As a thank you to Google Pay users Google are offering 6 months of access to The Financial Times. To take up this offer all you have to do it go to the link in your email that you will receive from Google and subscribe. Using your Google account to subscribe allows you to read the Financial Times on any of your devices as long as you are logged into your Google account on that device.

Your subscription to the Financial Times can be managed from your Google Account and while free for six months it will cost you $36 a month after that period. At that price you may well have made a fortune and be able to afford it – I am convinced all the rich folks read the Financial Times and get insider information that we all need to get ahead. For those with investments the Financial Times could be a tax deduction but consult your accountant on that one.

For now though enjoy the Financial Times free for six months and worry about the cost later. It’s a great way to try it out before committing to any financial commitment. Either head to the link above or check out your emails from one from Google Pay and subscribe now – why not? It’s free.