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Upcoming devices need to get registered, certified, verified and listed by a number of regulatory bodies. Devices carrying Bluetooth hardware end up in the Bluetooth Launch Studio, where their details are laid bare for anyone who cares to browse. The good folks over at MySmartPrice have indeed cared to browse today, and found a couple of new Motorola devices listed.

Razr for Verizon

The Lenovo-owned company’s ambitions of launching a foldable smartphone in 2019 aren’t new news, but the exact launch details remain a mystery. Motorola says they won’t be launching later than others in the industry, although with foldable devices popping up all over the launch landscape in the next couple of years that might not mean much.

We do know, however, that the company intends to revive its much-loved and well-recognised Razr brand for its foldable device – an ambition that makes sense from a technical and a marketing perspective.

Bluetooth Launch Studio now has a listing for a Motorola Razr phone, identifying it as XT2000-1. It also lists “VZW” as its intended carrier destination, a reference to US carrier Verizon Wireless. It’s also claiming Bluetooth 5 compatibility, which should be par for the course in 2019.

Image from MySmartPrice

Verizon is a traditional launch partner for the Motorola of old, often seeing exclusivity over their devices in the USA (and sometimes even needing Motorola to rebrand them outside of the USA).

Colour us unsurprised… although we’ll allow a raised eyebrow.

If it lives up to us namesake, the new Razr should be a clamshell phone with a foldable internal display and a secondary outer display for notifications and settings. Click here for our earlier coverage.

One Vision

Along with the Razr, Motorola’s One Vision device also made an appearance.

One Vision appears in 4 variants, XT1970-1, -2, -3 and -5. They’re bound for different markets with slightly different specs in terms of SIM trays, with the listing claiming they’re bound for Latin America and China.

Sources claim One Vision to be a 21:9 device running Android One and powered by a Samsung Exynos processor. It was listed briefly on Google’s ARCore support page recently, although it’s since been removed.

Image from MySmartPrice

You’ll need a login to browse the Bluetooth Launch Studio links yourself, so we’ve attached screenshots from MySmartPrice’s coverage.

XDA Developers also reported these listings.

Source: Bluetooth Launch Studio.
Source 2: Bluetooth Launch Studio.
Via: MySmartPrice.

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