Go back a year or two and Pixel news was confined to winter, leading into a spring announcement. In 2019, Google’s seemingly not content with a single launch each year, opting to announce something early in the year too.

The Pixel 3a range seems to be getting a lot of headlines at the moment, and there’s another one today with leaked renders making their way around the web, starting at Android Headlines.

These renders don’t give us anything especially new; there’s no new information about the phone or design, and there’s a confirmation – open to interpretation, of course – of the May 7 rumoured launch date. The renders show that both phones will feature a 3.5mm headphone jack, some reasonable bezels above and below the screen (and no notch, unsurprisingly), with volume and power keys on the right.

It should come as little surprise that Android 9 Pie is expected at launch, though as these two phones will launch at / alongside Google IO, perhaps an update to Android Q in the near future should be a given too.

With the Pixel 3a range expected to plug a mid-range gap in Google’s hardware lineup, we’re definitely excited to see the official announcement in a couple of weeks so we can try out Google’s new hardware. How will Google price them? Rumours suggest a starting price around $699, putting the new phones a little over half the price of the premium grade phones announced back in October.


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Jamie S

So essentially a Pixel 3/3XL ” Nexus” Edition