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Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e and Tab A 10.1 go on sale in Australia


Despite the dwindling market, Samsung have made the decision to buck the trend and continue designing and selling tablets. The announcement of two new tablets going on sale in Australia from today comes with some solid options for consumers to enjoy media, communicate and general internet.

The two new options on offer are the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 and Galaxy Tab S5e.

Both were expected in varying storage options, with and without 4G. The Tab A 10.1 is the more basic model of the two and starts at $349 for Wifi only option and 32GB storage, peaking at $619 for the 128GB storage with 4G. Offering up to 13 hours playback, the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 also features minimal bezels, dual speakers in a slim package.

The Tab S5e being the “flagship” model of the tablets starts at $649 for 64GB storage and WiFi, through to $949 for the 128GB model that is 4G ready. It has a 10.5-inch AMOLED display, available in black and silver, and features quad speakers. It can also be used with Samsung’s DeX and Linux on DeX, either with an external display/keyboard, or using the Samsung Book Cover keyboard accessory.

When paired with a compatible Samsung mobile, you can also take your calls and reply to messages from your tablet, wherever you happen to be!

Both new tablets run Android 9 Pie out of the box, with USB-C charging, hue batteries for all-day use, and offer a variety of different productivity accessories.

Here’s the full pricing table for the new tablets:

Garry McGregor, VP of IT and Mobile at Samsung Electronics Australia said:

At Samsung, we believe in choice and Australians deserve devices that are suited for their needs whether this be home entertainment, portability, or smart connectivity. We’re excited to add the Tab S5e and Tab A 10.1 to our robust product portfolio as each offers their own premium design and innovative features that help support Aussies across all facets of their everyday lives.

The new tablets from Samsung are on sale now from samsung.com.au, and will also be available from major retailers and carriers as well.


  1. I doubt the S5e will remain the ‘flagship’ tablet for long if Samsung sticks with the same naming conventions of their phones. An higher spec S5 tablet will probably be launched later on to take on the iPad Pro.

  2. The Samsung site is still saying pre-register with now buying options.

    Phil, where did you see that it was now available for sale?

  3. Berto, the 2016 Tab S2 had an unofficial Lineage update mid last month (which included the April Google security patch) and has unofficially been on v16 for nearly a year.

  4. No wonder they like to rush them on-sale in Australia, the profit margins must be great.

    Also, you can use DeX on the Tab S4 without needing the Samsung Book Cover keyboard, an external display/keyboard or any other accessories so I imagine the Tab S5e would be no different.

  5. Whilst Samsung do make a decent tablet, and have for some years now, their history of updating said devices with platform and security updates is abysmal. They’re quick to release em here, and even quicker to abandon.

    • True, was just thinking what a waste my Tab S2 4G and 2016 Tab A6 10.1 4G are, still perfectly good hardware but unlikely to get updated software. LineageOS did previously have an update for the Tab S2 4G but now only offer one for the WiFi version. These things need the ability to be updated as long as the hardware is still good.

      As tech users, we need to stop letting companies like Samsung, Apple, Huawei etc. forever get away with producing this tech waste with planned obsolescence within a few short years.

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