For many, the NVIDIA Shield Tablet and Portable were aspirational Android Tablets. Like many NVIDIA products, they had their fierce supporters.

I for one was saddened when the product line was discontinued even before it officially reached Australia. NVIDIA can make some seriously nice gear, just check out the Shield Android TV.

For those who’ve spent 3 years waiting for a new NVIDIA tablet, you may just be in luck. According to some code found in NVIDIA software by the team over at XDA, NVIDIA is actively working on Android software functions that would support a 2 in 1 style Keyboard dock laptop/ tablet device. Now go grab your salt, this rumour is based on mysterious codenames and software without a know application, so let’s dive in.

First up – the software. Buried within an update to the SHIELD Experience software on Shield TV units was a reference to a new Desktop Experience feature. Rightly, XDA concluded that Android TV was not likely to need a Desktop UI on top of the lean back launcher. This new UI referenced 3 UI modes: Dynamic, Tablet, and Desktop. Tablet and Desktop modes are self-explanatory, but we are left wondering what a Dynamic UI mode on a tablet would be.

Within that software is a reference to a codename for an as yet unknown device – say hello to ‘Mystique’. Mystique seems to be referring to a 13.5-inch touch screen device with 3000×2000 resolution, and most interestingly running on NIVIDAs super powerful, and super power hungry Tegra Xavier, the same chip NVIDIA designed for AI and automotive installations.

Of course, the processor can be run in a lower power mode, perhaps even with a ‘boost’ when plugged in? There’s not much else mentioned about the device if there even is an actual device behind the development codename. NVIDIA has been very clear about only releasing hardware where they see a need in the market, stating they have no interest in pursuing others share of competitive markets.

So, this mystery device with a huge display, 2 in 1 UI design and a top tier AI processor could all just be nothing, or perhaps NVIDIA think there’s a market out there for a device like this and are preparing to take it?

I know I for one would love to see an NVIDIA 2 in 1 device hit the market.