+ Wednesday October 23rd, 2019

With Google I/O only now a few weeks away, Google has announced who the nominees are for the 2019 Google Play Awards. The winners are set to be announced on May 6th (May 7th for us here).

There are nine categories which have about 5 app/game developers in each. There are some familiar apps/games and there are a few new ones as well. Each nominee was nominated by various teams across Google, and met criteria thresholds covering high star rating, Android vitals, and have had a launch or major update since April 2018. Overall, the emphasis is on quality, strong design, technical performance, and innovation.

Here are the categories and the nominees:

Standout Well-Being App:

Best Accessibility Experience

Best Social Impact:

Most Beautiful Game:

Best Living Room Experience:

Most Inventive

Standout Build for Billions Experience:

Best Breathrough App:

Best Breakthrough Game:

Google will announce the winners on Monday May 6th, which is Tuesday 7th for us here locally during Google I/O.

Source: Android Developers Blog.

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