As the current flagship tablet for Samsung, the Galaxy Tab S4 is not only one of the best tablets on the market, but one of the most likely to be kept up to date throughout its useful life.

Earlier this month the rollout began in France, but there are now reports the update is in the wild in the US, and that typically means the update won’t be far away for Australian models, too.

Verizon in the ‘States has confirmed that their LTE variant of the Tab S4 is receiving Android Pie, and this comes on the back of WiFi models receiving the update too.

The update isn’t small, weighing in at around 1.5GB, and includes many things such as the new One UI, revamped notifications, changes to Bixby and much more. The US update, at least, includes the March 2019 security updates, but it might turn into April by the time it’s released in Australia.

If you’re using Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4, keep an eye out for updates because they surely won’t be too far away now.

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Jitesh Maneklal

Has the update been rolled out yet? The tab S4 is on sale on Amazon. I’ll only buy it if the update is available.


Well JUNE 17TH and still nothing in Australia…..I have no words as i was happy with this tablet but its a sham its my last as software support is 0% had it for 6 months and not a single update even on ment to come says samsung members thay just delete it 1 day before the end of the month x3 times now….At $1200 for this tablet and 0 update I might just buy a pendo 10ich tablet for $120 instead…..Very bad service that are slowly losing my intrest if still no update bye September I will be geting rid… Read more »


Very upset with how Samsung Australia treat Oz Market and customers…

Alexander eleveld

It is now 14th of May and im still waiting for Android 9 on my tab S4 LTE version when will it come out for The LTE version in Australia im seriously getting very annoyed, iv been checking every day since April


I see Samsung have removed the mention of April for the P update on the Tab in their member’s app. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. Easier to hide their failure – quick look over there – than meet a commitment.


Isn’t the Voda model XSA?


Yup, and it seems there’s only XSA in Australia or TEL (Telstra).

Daniel Narbett

Will be looking out – my Tab S4 is a great device