One of the crazy things about the new hybrid digital / physical world in which we live is product availability. You go online and find that perfect product, click add to cart, get all the way to shipping and alas “this item does not ship to your region” — that’s assuming you can even select Australia.

There are many reasons for this, and in Australia with our strong consumer protection laws, GST and small market size all too often we just get left out in the cold to either go to the eBay extortionists or use a grey importer / reshipper.

One such brand has been Anker, purveyors of excellent digital accessories and lust-worthy charging products.
Unfortunately, they have never been officially available in Australia. That stops now — meet myanker. The team behind myanker are the official Australia resellers of Anker gear, as well as their co-brands of soundcore, EUFY and Neubula.

Now for those of you always on the lookout for hundreds of dolloars worth of products at a fraction of the cost, this is not the website for you — this is a full digital retail business with full GST etc. However, you’ll be buying knowing you’re getting genuine consumer protection under Australian Consumer Law.

Unfortunately, not 100% of Anker’s catalogue is available here yet: for example, the new in-car Google Assistant Roav Bolt is nowhere to be seen as yet. However, if you’ve been wanting Anker products and you don’t want to mess about with importing your own why not head on over to myanker and check them out.

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    Has anyone shopped through They ship to Oz… But it’s unclear if it is a legit site. Reviews seem mixed. They do have the Roav Bolt in stock tho, whereas myanker still doesn’t even have a listing for it.


    These guys have been around for ages. The price gouge the hell out of it.

    Graham Hardwick

    That’s what I thought.
    They are far cheaper on AliExpress.


    Now we need OnePlus to follow suit.