Back in the day the Motorola Razr was a hugely popular phone with most people owning one at some stage when they were all the rage. Now the leak of a render has suggested that the patent we saw earlier this year will result in a product this year.

Slashleaks has got their hands on what may be renders of the upcoming (we hope) foldable Motorola Razr phone and from the outside it looks virtually identical to the Motorola Razr of years past. The leak, which looks a very low resolution should be taken with a very large helping of salt shows the phone with the ability to flip open and closed from top to bottom, ala the Motorola Razr of 10 years ago.

The ‘renders’, and I use that term very loosely, look suspiciously like the fan based renders produced from the patent filings found earlier this year (see header image). The renders are also low resolution while at the same time look incredibly plastic or fake. For this reason I am not putting much stock in this leak at all.

The phone looks to fold top to bottom protecting the display with the camera is the back of the top of the phone. There is a chin which the top of the phone folds into. The renders also show the packaging of the phone which look especially fake.

So is this the new foldable Motorola Razr? Unfortunately I think not but hope to be proven wrong. I suspect these are fan-made renders but if they aren’t I dare say there may be a lot of takers on this foldable smartphone should it actually exist, assuming it doesn’t cost Galaxy Fold and Mate X prices.

Source: Slashleaks.
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Daniel Narbett

Don’t know about anyone else, but I think the top to bottom fold is actually a better idea than the book-style. You get a widescreen experience but can cram into a much smaller device. That said, I’m still planning to grab the Galaxy Fold when available in Oz if I can