Sometimes you need to take a screenshot of your device but the information requires is more than a single screen and with some devices you may end up having to take multiple screenshots to capture everything. Some manufacturers have already, and have for quite a while, implemented a feature that allows the user to take a scrollable or rolling screenshot. Google though have ruled out the feature for their devices, which also means Android One and Android Go devices, in the foreseeable future.

Although the feature is extremely handy for many things and many users use it often Google developers have said that the implementation of scrollable screenshots in infeasible. At this stage though the two threads where Google developers have said it is ‘infeasible’ have a total of 73 stars — it is possible that more stars may make Google try and find a way to implement it.

It is strange that Google think that it is infeasible to implement the scrollable screenshot, especially when so many other manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC and OnePlus have already implemented it successfully. As you can see below it can be used to display a long page or long thread of messages in a single image proving very helpful at times.

Hopefully if the issue on the Google Issue Tracker gets more publicity and stars Google will look at it closer but do not expect it anytime soon. It would be most likely too late to implement it for Android Q but it is unexpected to see Google saw it is not possible. Hopefully they change their mind in the future.

Source: Google bug tracker.
Source 2: Google bug tracker.
Via: Android Police.