+ Tuesday October 22nd, 2019

Gone are the days when 500MB data a month was considered enough. If you’ve got a smartphone, mobile data isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

Not all mobile service providers are equal, though – some don’t provide enough data. Catch Connect are offering a great deal to do just that – offer enough data – with 50% off all 365 day prepaid mobile plans.

The deal is pretty sweet, but cutting their top-end 375GB plan in half is an amazing offer; normally it would be $410, but until the end of May, you can grab it for just $205 (or a shade over $17 a month) for a touch more than 30GB data each month. That’s pretty damned cheap.

All the promotional plans come with unlimited National talk and text with varying blocks of data in yearly increments. There are also 90 day and 30 day plans, but they’re not discounted at the moment.

Catch Connect is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (or MNVO) and uses the Optus Network which offers great coverage to a huge majority of the Australian population. It’s well worth the time investment to check out options if you’re looking for a solution to your data issues.

You can check out the full range of plans on the Catch Connect page until the 29th of May.

Phil Tann   Associate

Phil Tann

Phil is an Android enthusiast who spends most of his time reading up on U.S. Android news so he can get the low down on what could possibly hit Australian shores. Coming from a background in IT & T sales, he’s in the perfect position to give an educated view on hardware and software.

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