If you’ve ever worked in any moderately sized corporate environment, you’ll know exactly how prevalent share drives are in any organisation. From places to store photos of last Christmas party, through to storing important business documents, share drives are everywhere and they’re coming to Google Drive too.

Well, that’s only half the story. Share Drives were already there, but they were called Team Drives which didn’t really gel with the office users who knew them better as Share (or Shared) Drives, so that’s what Google is going to call them from now on.

Starting next month, users will see Team Drives disappear in favour of Shared Drives. This change will take place across desktop, web and mobile apps. The change will begin in late May for iOS and Android apps, and into June for the web and desktop-based apps (such as Google Drive File Stream).

The name change isn’t solely for recognition though; it’s also about reflecting the actual use of these drives. They aren’t just for your team’s use – they can be (and often are) shared externally with people who aren’t part of your team, so the name change makes sense through that lens too.

Expect to see the change rolled out across all G Suite editions soon.