OnePlus are orchestrating the hype train for the release of their next flagship the OnePlus 7 Pro coming in two weeks on May 14 in New York. Overnight, aside from the display quality reveal, they have shown off other tidbits about their upcoming phone.

Not only did OnePlus put a full page ad in the New York Times broadsheet but they sent all fans and customers an email telling them they had. As you can see below the ad shows what is apparently on the inside of the phone which confirms small details — the triple rear camera, the lack of a notch and the pop-up camera (just superior and to the left of the triple rear camera). The second page of the ad says there is no bezel which probably just means minimal bezel — at what stage does a border of a display become a bezel? 1mm? 2mm?

There is also apparently no app lag (which there rarely is on a OnePlus phone anyway), no bloatware (see previous parenthesis), no $2000 price tag (well, of course not, it’s not a foldable phone – a bit disingenuous this one) and no random music (Apple did this). It also shows the pieces, ala iFixit, that make up the phone seemingly confirming the metallic cooling hardware, once again the triple rear camera and pop-up selfie camera.

Another page (how many is that? 3 pages?) reminded everyone about how OnePlus scored the highest of all smartphones in PC Magazine’s Overall Satisfaction reader’s choice awards for 2019.

Android Police tell us that the cost of these ads are US$179,029 for a single full-page ad nationally distributed and US$75,029 more with internationally distribution — these prices do vary based on placement, colours used and how many are orders. OnePlus bought four pages of ads. It seems they are putting their money where their mouth is this year in the US, and it may well pay off especially if they land up on the four major carriers as rumoured.

By now these things are not a surprise for us to hear and it is a fun way for OnePlus to show them off. The tagline in the advertisement is “Just a better phone” and to watch it live on May 14 either online or in person. We will be there in person to cover it for you but of course the main thing we want to know is: What about Australia OnePlus?

Source: OnePlus.
Source 2: Dave nyc.
Via: Android Police.