Yesterday Google announced their new feature to help improve their flailing wearable operating system — Tiles. Just a day later and it seems that Google have switching on the server-side switch for some users.

Users on the WearOS subreddit have been reporting that they are seeing the new feature on their swatchwatches after installing an update pushed to them. Apparently Tiles arrives with a new v2.24 update to the Wear OS app on the phone although I am yet to see it on either of my smartwatches.

Watches which have been reported as seeing the update include the Fossil Sport, Huawei Watch 2, Ticwatch Pro, Ticwatch E, and many more. No one is actually being notified of this new feature being present and instead just finding it when swiping twice from the right of the smartwatch display.

At this stage the rollout seems to be a slow intermittent rollout as usual but keep an eye on your Wear OS smartwatch for the new feature and when it arrives let us know in the comments below what you think of it.

Source: Reddit.
Via: 9to5Google.
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Have them on my misfit vapor 1 and 2. Nothing really useful to me there.


I’ve got them. Makes my Fossil Sport slightly better, but this is a feature that’s been on my Gear S3 + I can add more useful tiles on my S3 like Spotify or contacts. My problem with my WearOS watch is that it’s worse then Android Wear on my Sony Smart watch 3. At least my Sony was fast & Google Voice Search wasn’t as laggy & slow as my Fossil is. I think they just need to sort out Wear OS 1st then add more useful features because as I switch between my watches I’m finding myself leaning towards… Read more »


Still tapping for update


Got the update and the tiles feature. That has to be the fastest I have ever received an update after an announcement! (Ticwatch E)


I’m up to date with 2.24 on my TicWatch Pro, but with no tiles. 🙁

Philip Clark

Got them now on my Huawei Watch 1


Yep I’ve got them. No notification though.


I have WearOW 2.24 on my phone but no tiles