Geeks stand proud: today is our day to appreciate all things Star Wars because it’s May the 4th. To help celebrate, Google has a host of Star Wars games as well as the movies available at various bargain prices until the 9th of May.

The list of Star Wars relates games grows with the movie titles and now includes Disney Emoji Blitz is offering discounted boost bundles for those that get into it and enjoy micro-transaction games.

The big bargains are Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic at $7.49 when it’s normally $14.99. Star Wars Pinball 7 is currently free to install, normally $3.09 which is a fun little game.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and Star Wars Commander are both offering bonuses on Crystal Bundles. Minecraft is offering Star Wars skins discounted by 25% percent or the Star Wars bundle including all skins at a discount of 50%.

Unfortunately, unlike our US counterparts the movie bundles are not yet live (at the time of writing this) so we’ll keep our eyes out for this as the day progresses where the US have begun this special day. For the time being, the Star Wars movies are on sale for $19.99 ea, and let’s be honest, for movies you’re likely to watch many times over, that’s still a good price.

Source: Android Authority.
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Jeni Skunk

Thanks for the heads up. Installed on my Samsung tablet and Nokia 6.1 🙂

Jeni Skunk

Just compared it to the Zen Pinball, Star Wars Pinball, I have on my Nintendo 2DS. Same table as The Empire Strikes Back table on my 2DS. At least now with it on my Android devices, I can play it in a bit higher res and screen size. 🙂