As we come into the winter months, it’s tempting to find time to sit down with a good book and have a read. With Google Play Books on your favourite Android device, you’re never far away from a good read, and with this week’s top reads on Google Play Books, you’re bound to find something worthwhile.

First up, there’s some great page turners under $5 at the moment, and here’s some of our picks:

If you’re after more, there’s dozens more great reads on sale here.

Next up, Google has a range of best sellers on sale for under $10 – some at reduced prices, and some at every day low prices:

That last one is a personal recommendation of mine – growing up in the era of Moby’s greatest music, it’s a hard read about the reality of fame, the price of celebrity, and it presents a dark, unflattering journey into the dark side that we never see. This is the second memoir from Moby, and it’s well worth reading the first one – Porcelain – released a couple of years ago which is also available for $8.42.

For plenty more top sellers going cheap, check out the collection on the Play Store.

What top reads have you found on Google Play Books lately?