Since Google first launched Android Pay – now Google Pay – we’ve seen the slow march towards ubiquitous support for the mobile payments platform from more and more Australian banking providers.

This week we can add 6 more banks to that list, as Google Pay says hello to:

  • AWA Alliance Bank
  • Bank of Heritage Isle
  • BDCU Alliance Bank
  • Circle Alliance Bank
  • Nova Alliance Bank
  • Service One Alliance Bank

As with every time new banks get added to the Google Pay supporters list if your bank in amongst the list, congratulations you can now enjoy the life-altering world of Google Pay, it really is better.

For those who are still waiting, I ask, are you really sure you can’t swap banks?

Source: Google.
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You can request a freedom card at the branch. It supports Google pay. Benefit using this card is your won’t have pesky Visa pending authorisations, it’s instant clearance via eftpos on your account. Switching banks is shit, I’ve done it but back to stg.

Dean Rosolen

Still waiting for St George to open Google Pay access for Visa Debit cards.

Dean Rosolen

If it was a credit card then yeah it would be a lot easier but it’s my main bank account which means updating direct debit details with my ISP and direct deposit details for Centrelink/Medicare – not to mention the awkwardness of making sure the money that’s already in my account transfers over successfully.


If you ask your new bank to help you switch they will contact your current bank to get a 13-month list of:

Direct debits (like gym membership or regular utility payments)
Direct credits (like your salary)
Your new bank will give you the 13-month list so you can decide which regular direct debits or credits you would like to move across to your new account. You can ask your new bank for help with this process.

You can also authorise your new bank to give all of the relevant payees your new account details.


I avoided going to St George because it is a laggard with this technology.

Seriously, switch banks.