Google I/O is where Google like to announce the their ecosystem’s developers, and the world, the new changes that are set to arrive in the following 12 months. This year they will be bringing a change to the Android Auto UI as one of the many changes they hope to implement in the next year.

On their blog post to day Google have shown off a new design for Android Auto (again) to give more information available to the driver at a glance. Rolling out to all Android Auto compatible cars this winter (Australian winter that is) the new design will help you get on the road faster.

Changes include:

  • Media will automatically continue playing where you left off when you start the car
  • A new navigation bar that will allow you to control apps including controlling media, getting turn-by-turn instructions and take an incoming phone call
  • A new notification centre that will show recent calls, messages and alerts so you can listen and respond at a time that is convenient to you
  • A new dark theme with colourful accents to fit in with your car’s design better
    • The new UI will be rolling out in winter Australian time and will be demo’ed at Google I/O this week. You an be sure I will be checking out the new interface and the session ‘What’s new with Android for Cars’ tomorrow afternoon to bring you my thoughts on the new changes.

      Source: Google Blog.
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Is there any chance I can get it on a 5″ display. Hyundai won’t come to the party on my 2019 accent. Btw last Hyundai I will ever buy.


It’s about time! The current UI is very dated.

Phillip Malone

So, will that need updated to the heads up unit or just the phone app? Ask as have (and absolutely love) Auto in my Holden Astra and wonder if I have to work out how to firmware upgrade it to get it!

Philip Clark

Just a phone update, no firmware upgrade needed.


Would be great if they could introduce wireless connectivity so instead of the app on your phone opening when it connects to the car, it opens the car app on the screen instead. Saves the need to connect a cable every time I get in the car.

Philip Clark

Android Auto wireless was released more than a year ago, but requires hardware support from your car’s head unit.