Google News is just on a year old, having been announced a Google IO last year. It’s a great tool; it learns from the news you read and the news you don’t, curating automatically a news feed that is designed to catch your interest, rather than an unfiltered news feed which may not be relevant.

Regular users will know the feed becomes more appropriate to your interests fairly quickly, and it gets better and more targeted every day.

Google has recognised that there is not only a huge range of news sources available, but as a result, a huge range of influences that can shape public perception of news:

The algorithms used for our news experiences analyze hundreds of different factors to identify and organize the stories journalists are covering, in order to elevate diverse, trustworthy information.

The team at Google has taken the attitude of presenting multiple news streams, allowing users to make their own decision on what news they get access to. Streams include News for Everyone, Personalised News and Deep context and diverse perspectives. What this means for users is that you can have your own customised (favourites) feed, and based on your location and interests, you’ll get a brief on headlines Google believe are of interest to you and the ability to drill down into a far more detailed “full coverage” of any given news item.

Many of us at Ausdroid have been using Google News since it was announced, and if you’re after a good daily read, it’s a great place to start.

The best way to get Google News working for you is to start using it, follow links of interest and use the feedback system in the application to keep the continuous improvement circle live for yourself and other users of the system.

Source: Google Blog.