Group video calling has been ‘coming’ to Duo for some time now: first we heard rumours, then we saw code and then there was a limited roll out in Indonesia. This week the group-calling feature has started a wider roll out with users in USA Canada and India all reporting the feature is now live.

We’ve tested our devices and have not yet seen the roll out in Australia, so either this is a limited expansion or we just haven’t seen it as yet. Following the Indonesia test there don’t seem to be any major overhauls to the feature in this new rollout.

To start a group video chat you open you contacts list by swiping up, tap on the ‘Create Group’ button and select up to four contacts to start a group call with. At present you are restricted to only four participants, but considering this is a consumer app that’s not surprising — maybe a party mode will be coming in the future.

Many of us would be interested in testing out the new group chat feature but we’ll just have to wait until Google rolls it out to Australia.

Source: 9to5Google.