+ Wednesday October 23rd, 2019

Telstra is already offering some bonus discounts on its Samsung Galaxy S10e plans, but on top of that – to sweeten the deal – you can now score a pair of JBL noise cancelling headphones for free with your new phone.

The headphones – JBL’s Duet NCs – are a decent set of headphones in their own right, and usually retail for $349.95. However, you can grab a pair for nothing when you buy a new Samsung Galaxy S10e on a plan from Telstra at the moment.

Our pick is the $89 per month plan. It comes with 20GB data and is also one of the plans that includes $10 off right now. That makes it cheaper than Telstra’s entry-level S10e plan, which is $94 a month for only 3GB data.

The same offer is also available on leased phones. While this does mean that they’re $10 a month cheaper than the above plans, but you won’t own your phone at the end of the contract.

Generally we don’t recommend the lease plans, because you end up with nothing at the end, but if you’re going to upgrade anyway, you can save some money in the longer run.

Telstra doesn’t usually offer too many things like this in its own right; JB HiFi does, typically, but they’re Telstra dealers, not Telstra itself.

If you’re not sure whether the Samsung Galaxy S10e is the next phone for you, why not read our review?

Chris Rowland   Managing Editor

Chris Rowland

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