Google is bringing 53 new non-binary emojis to Pixel users as part of the Android Q update.

The new emojis are designed to sit visually between the existing male and female versions of emoji characters that are found on recent versions of Android.

They’re exclusive to Pixel users running Android Q, though it’s expected they will eventually become available to all Android devices with the Android Q update later this year, according to Fast Company.

Jennifer Daniel, designer at Google, says of the new emojis:

“We’re not calling this the non-binary character, the third gender, or an asexual emoji–and not gender neutral. Gender neutral is what you call pants. But you can create something that feels more inclusive.”

It’s worth remembering that these new emojis aren’t available on other devices, where they may not display correctly (or may not appear at all). The Verge reports they’ll end up displayed as gendered on other devices, which isn’t terribly surprising.