In a limited time special, LG’s flagship from last year is hugely discounted until Sunday, making it an excellent – if not a little old – option for a new smartphone if you want to save some serious cash.

LG’s V30+ was launched at $1,399, and fairly promptly reduced to $1,199. This weekend, it’s on sale for just $499 at JB HiFi, marking a $900 price drop since it was first announced.

LG’s GM Marketing, Angus Jones, still uses the V30+ as his daily phone, and it’s not terribly hard to see why. When we reviewed the V30+ last January, Dan had this to say:

The LG V30+ is a well priced, feature packed handset that will make the majority of users happy.

Performance wise, the V30+ is spot on. It marries up an excellent processor with a goodly amount of RAM and storage which should be enough for all but the most hardcore of users.

As we saw with the kerfuffle over the LG-built Pixel 2 XL screen there will always be a handful of screen-snobs who refuse to accept anything less than perfection, so the blue-shift on the V30+ is completely unacceptable to them. For people in the majority though, they won’t even notice this.

The camera is almost there, it’s good enough to be included in a flagship class phone, but could do with some improvements. LG has proven they can do it with older models of the G and V series, so it’d be nice to see the next software update offer some sort of improvement on this front.

If you’re minded to buy the LG V30+ at hugely discounted prices, you’ll need to act fast – this deal ends Sunday.

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1 year ago

Wouldn’t the Samsung a50 from opppy be better value and current and hopefully get android updates for sometime? No guarantee lg will update this mode anymore?