With the Google’s IO 2019 firmly focusing on AI – and more specifically the Google Assistant – it’s not surprising to see Qualcomm’s and Google announced that Google Assistant support has come to Qualcomm’s Smart Headset Platform.

What does this mean? It will be easier for OEMs to make Bluetooth headphones and earbuds with Google Assistant built in.

Using Qualcomm’s QCC5100-series Bluetooth audio chip, headphone makers the world over will be able to bring to market devices that support not only Google Assistant via Bluetooth but also Google’s Fast Pair feature to make pairing devices with Android seamless.

While no new products were announced, the development kit is available for immediate order for anyone wanting to start their integrations. The QCC5100 is the same chip that Qualcomm already announced support for Alexa earlier this year, as such there may be devices in development that MAY be able to have Google Assistant integration integrated mid development.

Source: Google.
Source 2: Qualcomm.