It’s here, the day long promised to Sonos users by Google and Sonos alike, official support for the Google Assistant. Users with a Sonos One or Sonos Beam will have direct access to the Google Assistant and all other Sonos products can be controlled from a Google Assistant-enabled device, such as a phone, smart speaker, or Smart Display.

To enabled on your compatible device open the Sonos app and select Voice Services, from there select the Assistant. Once enabled the devices work just like a typical Google Assistant device answer queries, controlling media and accessing routines and more.

At launch it doesn’t support Voice match, which is a significant shortfall for Multi user households. It also doesn’t support calling and interpreter mode, future updates will apparently bring these features.

It’s a US-only launch for now. Sonos advises a July Australian launch for the feature though, so we won’t be waiting too long. Other regions will probably follow a similar timeframe.

Source: Google.
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Change you country under sonos profile to United States. That’s it enjoy.


Sonos = Massive Fail

1. No voice match, so much of your content won’t be available.
2. No Cast functionality

With these functions unavailable, the device is almost useless. The workaround, to have another Google Assistant device nearby to control it, is farcical.

Martin Leonard

I updated my Sonos app and Google Assistant is now a choice but when I click in it says not available in your Country. 😫

Huw Davies

well it seems to be working for me…

Gary Bath

US-only launch for now > What a joke. Over 1 year late and it’s US only
US-only launch for now > I’m betting September has on previous experience, I hope I am wrong though.
Had a Sonos One sat there doing nothing for a long time, nobody in my house can be bothered to pick up a phone to put music on