+ Tuesday October 22nd, 2019

With just a few days until this Saturday’s election, Google is looking to help you find your nearest polling booth along with the ritual Democracy Sausage.

Google has said that you can now visit a specialist website g.co/ausvotes to find polling booths near them along with details about accessibility, which is very important as some booths aren’t quite wheelchair friendly.

All you need to do once on the site, is to enter your postcode, suburb or electorate and Google’s map data will find the closest polling booth and provide information on accessibility and whether there is a democracy sausage or cake stall available or not too.

Google said they have made the site easy for those who may want to also embed the map and site to their own website, which is fully customisable so you can show a national map or an electorate view (just follow the embed link in the footer).

So if you haven’t already pre-polled or postal voted and are waiting for Saturday’s polling booths to open, you may want to head over and check it out.

Source: Google Australia votes site.
Source 2: Google Australia Blog.

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By day, Alex works within the Industrial Relations field/occupation but by night and in his spare down time he searches the net for anything and everything relating to Android and Chrome related products and news.

Other various interests Alex has include, Accessible transport for people with disabilities along with LGBTIQ and Health related fields and interests for again for people with disabilities.

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I voted early, but I still want a sausage, but I don’t wanna deal with all the red and blue t-shirted people! Hmm off to Bunnings I go 😛

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