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There’s a lot of competition in the Smart Security Camera market these days, and we think what differentiates a great option these days includes compatibility with Voice Assistant platfroms, local storage options and variable cloud viewing options.

D-Link has just a announced a new outdoor security camera that ticks all of those boxes, and some more, meet the D-Link DCS-8600LH Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera.

The D-Link Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera offers all of the features we’ve come to expect from high quality outdoor security cameras, IP65 weather resistance, motion and noise detection, IR illumination for night time capture and a dedicated control app.

One area of concern for many with security cameras is the storage options, this new offering from D-Link offers both on device SD storage as well as free and paid options for cloud storage and access.

Online access and storage is provided via the Mydlink cloud and includes multiple options depending on your needs.

Video clip recording periodRolling 24 hours7 days14 days30 days
Number of supported camerasUp to 3Up to 3Up to 5Up to 10
Monthly FeeFreeUS $2.49US $4.99US $9.99
Annual FeeFreeUS $24.99US $49.99US $99.99

One of the big announcement along side the new car,era is first party integrating with the Google and Alexa Voice Assistant platforms. On Alexa the new camera will work with the Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show and Echo Spot. On the Google ecosystem the camera is launching with support for the Google Nest Hub, and the Chromecast.

That means you can say Ok G so me my drive way on my TV and it will pop up on your TV or Smart Display. We’ve reached out to D-Link for clarification if it will work with All Google Smart Displays or only the Google Nest Hubs.

We’re getting one of the new cameras in for review so we will be able to put the device fully through it’s paces. The D-Link Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera is on sale today for $279.95 AUD from D-Link direct or via most major Australian electronic retailers.

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$199.00 @ JBHIFI

Phill Edwards
Phill Edwards

I don’t consider an SD card to be a viable local storage option. Local storage options should include using your own NAS to store the video rather than having to pay for cloud storage.


RTSP is the ideal option, cant see if thats actually available based on the specs

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