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Google is pulling the plug on Project Campfire


It appears Project Campfire, which was an initiative that was meant to enable Chromebook users the ability to boot Windows or Linux, is no more.

AboutChromebooks reported the closure based on comments and code removals on Chromium that have make it very clear Google is no longer working on the project. One example explicitly marks the “AltOS” mode as deprecated.

While it might seem to be unsurprising that Google is pulling the plug on Project Campfire, it’s also probably to be expected given that work or even news on the project has been relatively quiet since it was announced in December last year.

There was no direct mention of the project from Google, and it seemed only the company’s own premium Pixelbook (the future of which also seems to be under a cloud) would support the change in the first place.

Source: 9to5 Google.
Source 2: AboutChromebooks.


  1. I don’t care about Windows, but any attempt to squash an alternative, properly open sourced OS such as Linux on their machine is an automatic NO from me

  2. Not sure why you’d want to run Windows on what are usually low end spec machines. Windows 10 needs at least 8gb of RAM and at least an m3 or i3 processor. Wasn’t a fan of Chromebooks at first but after mucking around with CloudReady for a while, I went and bought a Chromebook last night. Going to use Officework’s 14 day return policy to see if I like it enough to keep.

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