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Samsung delivers Android Pie update to Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 owners in more regions .. but not Australia (yet)


In the category of “almost good” news for Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 users, the Android Pie update seems to be edging closer and closer.

According to SamMobile, the update to Android Pie has been released in a number of markets overseas, but sadly Australia isn’t amongst them.

If you’re in Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Android Pie update will shortly be with you. Some regions have already received the update, and LTE versions have been updated in some regions too.

While there’s no inkling of when this update will come to Australia yet, we’ve contacted Samsung this morning to ask for an update for you. I’ve been using the LTE version of this tablet for some time now, and I’m still using it heavily. Knowing that Android Pie is out there for other users – but not us here – is very disappointing.

Source: SamMobile.


  1. When will Optus update so annoying considering the rest of the world has had it for months

  2. Samsung don’t give a f**k anymore about the Tab s4 as even app updates have stopped this is rubbish

    • This week, Vodafail has changed the status of the Android 9 update on Tab S4 from ‘Testing on Hold’ to ‘Testing scheduled’. This update should never have been interfered with by any Telco in the first place but if it doesn’t get pushed out before the Tab S6 is announced, then Vodafail will hold it up until Xmas. Vodafail are famous for delaying updates for previous models when a new model is announced or released.

    • There isn’t an Optus version, only an unlocked XSA version and a TEL Telstra version in Australia. Generally, the XSA version should always receive the update version first as it shouldn’t require Telco interference before being released.

      For some reason, Samsung has chosen to VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY slowly drip feed the XSA update in Australia. Maybe this was to appease Telstra.

      Whatever the reason, this is an incredibly bad effort from Samsung and they will lose customers over this debacle.

    • Turns out good old Vodafail is delaying the Android 9 update for any ‘XSA’ Tab S4’s sold through them for some unknown reason – probably just because they can’t help but delay updates. They shouldn’t even be touching the update if the Tab S4 is a true XSA model.

      Maybe Optus are doing likewise.

  3. Here I am like a schmuck with a Galaxy tab s4 and no update, meanwhile I read that people with old shitty galaxy tab As are starting to get pie updates. WTF Samsung?

    • Same here mate, I have 3 Samsung tablets including the Tab S4 LTE plus an S10 5G, Note 9, an old S5, Galaxy Watch and even a Samsung washing machine and I’m always last to get a software update from Samsung. I’ve been checking my Tab S4 for an update every day since April and NOTHING!!!!! Samsung is slowly killing any loyalty I have to their brand.

    • Me to This is bullshit and I am going to sell my tablet and buy a tab a instead of the 1000 I spent on this save myself 600

  4. Still nothing for Australian Samsung Tab S4? Samsung are getting worse with managing updates and destroying the ownership experience for their products.

    May as well just buy a cheaper Android tablet next time, it has the same chances of timely software and security updates as any expensive tablet offered by Samsung.

    • I hassled them through Samsung Members App and 24/7 chat, initially received a typical customer service scripted non-answer but when I got more insistent I received a msg saying it has been released in Australia but in batches. Could just be another stalling ploy. Samsung really are dreadful when it comes to OS updates and barely any better with monthly security patches.

  5. This continued tardiness from Samsung with updates not just on the Tab S4 but also with the Galaxy S10+ & Note 9 prompted me yesterday to return the Tab A 10″ 2018 LTE to Officeworks on the last day of their 14 day return policy.

    The Tab A was also stuck on Android 8.1 but with June 2018 security patch and had even less likelihood of an update in the near future than the Tab S4.

    I’m a big Samsung fan but Samsung’s treatment of Aussie consumers when it comes to updates is pitiful so the S10+ has probably been my last Samsung phone purchase. I doubt I’ll be getting any more of their tablets either.

  6. Australian Telcos have a deal with Samsung that update must be released together all the 3 carriers and unlocked versions at once. happening from S8 product line

  7. I have been hitting the software update button every day since mid last month hoping that there would be an update haha but so far I’ve been disappointed

  8. Very disappointing indeed, Samsung. The way they treat customers in Australia when it comes to updates is very poor behaviour and why some users switch to Pixel and other brands known for fast updates.

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