So some bad news for users of the Pixel 3a and 3a XL is starting to emerge of random shut downs of their devices. The reports come only a short time after the devices commenced sales following their release at Google I/O a couple of weeks ago.

The reports initially found on Reddit show that there is no consistency in when the phones shut down at all, perhaps most troubling is that it’s occurring when the phones are not in use versus crashing, rebooting or shutting down when on a call or completing tasks: Meaning that users are potentially unaware their phone is off for some time.

Users will know they’ve experienced an issue when they hit the power button and the device simply doens’t turn on. We’ve all had it and that’s a sickening feeling to think your phone may be dead!

No response from Google… Yet

Undoubtedly Google will be all over this, but as yet they’ve not officially responded or even acknowledged the issue. There will be a lot going on in the background to replciate and diagnose the issue to identify the cause whether it be hardware, software or some other combination of factors. The clear hope here being software so it can be fixed with an update to the devices instead of needing to recall devices.

If you read through the thread on Reddit, you’ll see multiple theories being tested by users, it won’t surprise me to see the reddit community identify a consistent way of replicating the problem which will speed up the resolution for certain.

Source: Reddit.
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Google Pixel 3 owner and guess what. It has shutdown for the second time in three months of ownership just this morning. The response from Optus last time was “no problem found.” Ah, the damn thing wouldn’t power-up for me or the Optus shop!


so, the propagation of this news story really speaks to a problem with the whole android internet community i think. if you trawl through the reddit posts you will see that this problem has affected a total of 7 people. for argument’s sake, the xda 3a forums have at least a few thousand users, *none* of whom have come across it (and they’re a sensitive bunch). but 7 users is all it takes for headlines like “Google’s Pixel 3a has a serious problem for some users, and there’s no fix in sight”.


For the same price as the 3a, you could get a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus new on Ebay which doesn’t have these issues. The S9 Plus is also water resistant and has microSD slot.


Yeah but it’s a Samsung Galaxy 😉


Previous pixel I had I remember it not turning on but just would vibrate. Thankfully with forums was informed how to get into safe mode and restore the phone and started working again. My experience with pixel has been a joyful experience and a frustrating one which is annoying for something that cost over the $1000.00 and you can get issues early on.