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In the days following Google I/O 2019, Google snuck an update to the Smart Home Device Types through on the Google Developers site. Google has added 17 new device types to the first party support list meaning easier integration with Google Assistant and Smart Displays for Home Automation Control.

With the new ability for Google Smart Displays to act as a local command and control hub for IoT devices, it’s not surprising to see Google rapidly expanding the list. So what got added? 17 individual devices types to be exact.

Some of the highlights include garage doors, blinds, locks, doors (that’s automatic doors not locks), microwaves and many more. Locks I hear you say but my Assistant could open locks already! Yes, that was via a 3rd party integration, no locks are currently supported natively as part of the Assistant ecosystem at the moment.

Here’s the complete list, the descriptions and what functions are supported for each.

AwningAwnings are retractable and can opened and closed. They can be installed indoors or outdoors.Modes Open/Close
BlindsBlinds can be opened and closed, and various types of blinds are supported such as venetian (opens in one direction), panel or vertical (may open either left or right), and top-down bottom-up (may open either up or down).Modes Open/Close
BoilerBoilers can be turned on and off, may support adjusting temperature or various modes.Modes On/Off Toggles Temperature Control
CurtainCurtains can be opened and closed, potentially in more than one direction. For example, curtains with two sections may open either to the left or to the right.Open/Close
DoorDoor can be opened and closed, potentially in more than one direction .Open/Close
Garage DoorGarage doors can open, close, and detect an open state. They can also indicate if an object has obstructed the path of the door while closing or if the door is locked and therefore cannot be controlled.Open/Close
GateGates can be opened and closed, potentially in more than on direction .Open/Close
HoodOven and range hoods can be turned on and off, may have adjustable modes, and may have adjustable fan speeds.FanSpeed Modes On/Off Toggles
LockLocks can lock, unlock, and report a locked state. Unlocking is a security sensitive action which can require two-factor authentication.Lock/Unlock
MicrowaveInteractions with microwaves may include starting and stopping, setting a timer, or adjusting various modes (for example, power level) and toggles (for example, a light).Modes On/Off Start/Stop Timer Toggles
PergolaPergolas (an outdoor garden structure) can be opened and closed, potentially in more than one direction. For example, some pergolas with a canvas may open either to the LEFT or RIGHT.Open/Close
Security System’Security systems can be armed and disarmed. They can be armed at multiple security levels (for example, home and away). Disarming a security system is a sensitive action which may require two-factor authentication.Arm/Disarm
ShutterShutters can be opened and closed, potentially in more than one direction.Modes Open/Close
ShowerShowers can be turned on and off, start and stop, and may support adjusting temperature or various modes.Modes On/Off Start/Stop Temperature Control
ValveValves can be opened and closed.Open/Close
Water HeaterWater heaters are devices used to heat water. They may turn on and off, adjust water temperature, or adjust various modes/toggles.Modes On/Off Temperature Control Toggles
WindowWindows can be opened and closed, optionally with sections that open in different directions, and may also be locked and unlocked.Lock/Unlock Open/Close

I’ve had a Garage Door connected to my Google Assistant by way of a Z-Wave hub, a Skaro AutomationBridge and then a few routines. Now thanks to the update I have 1st party support for opening and closing. Unfortunately, not all of the kinks have been finalised by Google and so the Smart Display and Google Home App controls are not yet working.

With such rapid expansion of the number of supported devices, it’s not clear if Google had been saving them up or if we’re about to see a flurry of activity in first party support for IoT devices?

Source: Google.

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