When the Android Q open beta was expanded at Google IO earlier this month, a somewhat surprising inclusion was Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro. This inclusion allowed Mate 20 Pro users to download and preview the latest version of the Android operating system … and the sad thing is, that may have been the closest these (and other Huawei) device owners will ever get to a future Android OS upgrade.

Following the recent ban on Huawei purchasing from US companies, the Android Q beta supported devices list has been quietly updated, with just one change – Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro no longer appears.

As part of the blacklisting, Google has – in compliance with the order – cut off Huawei’s Android licence as well as access to the Google Play Store and Google services for future Huawei devices.

Exactly why the Mate 20 Pro has been removed from the Android Q beta is a little unclear; on one hand, the blacklisting prevents Huawei from purchasing from US companies, but on the other, this doesn’t strike me as a “purchase”.

Regardless of the reasoning, the ability for the Mate 20 Pro to participate in the Android Q beta is gone, and it’s now up in the air whether Huawei’s smartphone line will see Android Q when it’s eventually released or not.


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heard on xda that huawei are building a os that is compatible with play store apps

It’s not fair, who already got huwaei smart phone, spending 1600$ and not future update.. Save us huewai..