Tor browser is a great tool for anyone wanting to add a layer of anonymity to their web activities. It’s routinely used by professions that require some level of secrecy or protection, and it’s finally available in a stable release for Android users!

For users not aware of Tor, the concept is simple: it masks your identity and location by distributing your internet traffic through different end points and proxy networks, while also blocking trackers.

The alpha (while functional) was somewhat cumbersome to install and certainly wasn’t for users who are lacking a slightly higher than average technical skill set. There is a new UI for the release that resembles the Firefox for Android UI and is a huge improvement on the alpha.

Other items of note on the blog post include the security slider that gives you some control of how secure you want your connection to be, and some notes around known issues with a full change log, so check it out if you want to know more.

There Tor team has come a long way, however there’s a lot of work to go before it’s a product everyday users will accept as a daily use app.

Source: Tor blog.