You can now make Google Duo group calls in Australia

Earlier this month we heard that Google’s video calling app Duo was taking its group calling feature out of beta and expanding more widely than the original test market of Indonesia. We were keenly waiting, but we didn’t receive the update on any of our devices.

That all changed last night, with group calling now available across a broad range of Android devices (but not on the web as yet). As well as being available in Australia, Duo has also increased the number of call participants from 3 to 8. One cool feature is that if you have a regular group you want to video chat with you can save the group with a custom name to your contacts list. Handy!

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To initiate a Duo group call swipe down on the main UI, select ‘Create Group’, select up to 7 additional participants and jump into the chat. We only had a couple of people free when we tested the app so we haven’t seen how it handles multiple users as yet. If you were waiting for Group calling or didn’t even know it was coming why not give it a go!

You can grab the Android App from the Play Store if you Don’t have it installed.

Last modified on 22 May 2019 8:42 am

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