Android updates come with many new features, some of which are able to replace existing apps. Android Q’s beta update has a feature called “Rules” that can perform automated actions in an easier-to-use package.

A Aeam at XDA-Developers has dug into the Android Q beta and found a new automation feature called “Rules”. Currently the feature can perform actions like silencing the ringer, or enabling Do Not Disturb mode. Triggers for these actions include being connected to particular Wi-Fi connections or being at certain locations. Once the Rules feature is more fleshed out, more actions and triggers are likely to be available.

Simplifying the setup of automatic routines would be a great alternative to a complicated app. To solve this, Rules can learn routines on its own by providing suggestions for functions it can automate. If you tend to silence your phone at a particular time each night, Rules will suggest that it can automatically do it for you.

Automatic actions are accompanied by a notification which lets you know what was activated by a Rule and why it happened.

Rules aren’t yet available to use on the latest Android Q beta, but will likely show up in a future update for Pixel devices. Other Android devices may also get Rules later on.

If you’re after automated actions right now, Tasker is available from the Google Play store for $3.49. Be prepared to dive deep into a user guide, though.

Tasker is an app that can perform routines automatically – such as silencing your phone at a certain time of day, or turning on a smart light bulb when connected to your home Wi-Fi network. However, Tasker can be difficult to use due to its overwhelming amount of options.


Via: 9to5Google.
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James Brown

An alternative to Tasker is Automate, does the same functions but with flow chart diagrams and is compatible with most Tasker plugins.


Samsung has this feature they call Routines for some time now as part of its Good Lock app


I’m guessing Huawei users won’t see it any time soon… :-\