The eagerly anticipated Lenovo Smart Clock is finally here! Lenovo has told Ausdroid that the smart clock is available for pre-order today, and will be available in store at selected retailers in two weeks on the 6th of June.

First announced at CES 2019 this year, the Lenovo Smart Clock joins Lenovo’s smart product family, bolstering the company’s commitment to making families’ lives easier and more productive. The company will also be bringing its Smart Home Essentials range to Australia too in July.

Lenovo Smart Clock

The Lenovo Smart Clock is your bedroom’s new best friend, supporting voice and touch control on a subtle 4-inch IPS screen. With its compact size, it will fit perfectly on a nightstand and blend into your bedroom décor, with a full fabric soft-touch cover.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is optimised to help users develop healthier sleep habits. Recent studies have shown that excess cognitive stimulation through too much screen time before bed can disrupt sleep patterns. Most of us know this already—we’ve all stayed up way past bedtime to binge-watch a new show on our smartphones or tablets or scrolled through notifications and emails just before bed. Our sleep is now more interrupted—a third of us wake up in the middle of night just to check our phones, while 10 percent check them the first thing in the morning.

That is why Lenovo has created the Lenovo Smart Clock to serve as your ultimate bedroom companion to cut down on disruptive screen time throughout the evening and help improve your sleep hygiene. The Google Assistant makes it easier to set up sleep routines, such as dimming the lights and displaying your first calendar event with just a single command, such as “Hey Google, Good Night.” With a full-size USB port for convenient phone charging, there is one less thing to worry about.

Lenovo Smart Clock can be programmed to complement your wake and sleep cycles, while offering visually assisted experiences when you need them the most. Just start with “Hey Google.”

I know I for one would love this on my night stand – it integrates a little better than Google’s Home Hub which is slightly too big for this space.

Lenovo Smart Home Essentials

Lenovo Smart Home Essentials offer new users the ultimate starter pack for a smart home that’s both easy to set up and flexible. The Lenovo Smart Plug lets you power any compatible plug-in device off and on, while the Lenovo Smart Bulb can brighten and dim any room, or even adjust the colour temperature—all from the app.

Users can easily control their Smart Home Ecosystem devices using the Lenovo Link app on their phone or simply with their voice, as they will work with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa platforms.

Pricing and availability

The Lenovo Smart Bulb (white and multi colour) and the Lenovo Smart Plug will launch in Australia in July 2019. The Smart Home Essentials will be available at JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, Officeworks.

The Lenovo Smart Clock will go on sale for $129, and will be available online at, as well as retailers JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, Officeworks, and The Good Guys.

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Yup in stock at JB Hifi already. They have them on the shelf at Chadstone.


I’m only getting one if I can tell the alarm clock to f&^% off in the morning and it stops.

Clyde Jones

How much are the bulbs?
I’ve been using the K-Mart ones ($15 for white, $30 for colour), and they work fine with google assistant. Can’t see myself spending more than that now!

Jon Cartwright

My local JB is listing it as in stock now.

Piers Porter

That Lenovo link looks dodgy, I think the site should be: