It’s official. Even though we figured it out months ago, Sony has formally announced that they have “deprioritised” Australia as a market for their Xperia line of Mobile devices.

At an investor day, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed that they would be focusing their attention on four key markets Japan, Europe, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

We’re not terribly surprised, sadly. Sony’s Australian market share never really took off, despite some good devices, and with their sales dwindling in recent years the decision seemed almost inevitable. Most of us here are old enough to have owned an original WalkMan, then a Discman when they were new, so we’re sad to see Sony Mobile and the Xperia brand leave our shores. There are those amongst us who have fond memories of Sony’s Xperia Z3 series – including the flagship phone, the Z3 Compact, and even the Z3 Tablet Compact.

The big question is, with Google slowly gaining popularity in the Android handset space, and Samsung’s market dominance, will Sony be the last OEM to pull out of our market? With Huawei’s future currently uncertain there may just be room in the Australian market for a few more players in the near future.

Source: The Verge.
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James Day

The Sony Xperia Xa2 Ultra is the best phone set up ever made in my humble opinion.
Hope they continue this line of quality and performance
To bad you don’t see them on the shelf at Wally world they would sell like hot cakes there I bet.


I want to keep using Sony Xperia phones, so I will keep buying them online. The Australian operations had high prices and no visibility at JB or other retailers. Small wonder they cut operations here. I would have paid a slight premium to get it from a local store.

The Xperia 1 looks good too replace my Xperia XA1 Ultra. The Xperia 10 Pro looked promising but the 4G radio and CPU are a little underwhelming given the competition.


I blame this on lack of marketing. If Sony had advertised as much as Apple, Sammy or Huawei, I’m sure they would sell more Xperia than hotcakes.

Looks like I’ll be importing my Xperia 1 from offshore (to replace my XZ Premium)


I assume there is no problem getting Android updates with a phone bought from overseas? They seem to come through pretty quick for my Aus bought XZ Premium. My other concern is about locale, if I buy a phone from UK it will have the en-GB locale, I know there are apps that allow changing it to en-AU but are there any other settings we can’t get to that will make the phone favour UK content? I had an HTC ages ago that I bought online and when I first started using it the google search results would clearly favour… Read more »


Sony phones are dope as! Guess I’ll be buying my next one online.


They keep trying to compete with Samsung, Google, Apple etc, which is a battle they are already behind in and that they will now never win. Sony would be better off setting their sights on the end of the market currently dominated by Nokia and Motorola; the budget/midrange segment. If Sony suddenly made a $300 to $400 Android One phone with their own tweaks, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Craig Scholl

Nooooo….I’ve been a rusted on Sony user since my very first Sony Ericsson flip phone. Since then Sony have been my preferred manufacturer of TV’s (4),DVD players (2), sound bar (2) not to mention clock radios, cameras, action Cam and even my photo frames. If Sony pull out, then maybe I’ll start looking elsewhere.


I’ve had a Sony Xperia and loved it but the lack of accessories like cases and other stuff especially for the tablet made me change.


I hope they come back with a foldable phone like the one appearing online.looks stunning and way better than Samsung or Huawei. Unfortunately for Sony, people just go for a few brands. Most people just follow other people in what they buy. They have great devices.ive got a phone of theirs and their last tablet the Z4.HTC are good too but they are in the same position as Sony

D shah

I am a Sony fan since 1993 owned z, z3 xa1 ultra. Will buy online if not available at stores. Sad to see Sony leave Australian market

Chris Smith

Using a performance currently, have had z1,z3,z5,and have loved them all.such a pity we won’t get new models here,will have to buy them online.

Joern Harris

Love my Sony phone, Sony alpha camera, Sony point and shoot, speaker etc. Could Sony Australia possibly get at least one person in s as Les who believes in the product, their phones are truly awesome! Joern


I’m really happy with my Xperia XZ Premium. The only rivals I’ve seen to it are the Pixel 2 and 3 and really only because of the benefits of stock android and faster access to android features.


I bought a XZ3 from the UK online last October because Australia was 2 models behind. I believe long delays for Australian buyers to get the latest handset was a major deterrent. Why buy last years model Sony when Samsung’s newest model is available? I’m a die hard Sony fan though. Love my OLED screen.


Owned a Z3 and Z5 premium now got a XZ2 I loved my Z3 I’ll still buy online


I’ve had the Z3 then upgraded to XZ Premium. Love Sony phones…disappointing, but guess I’d just buy online outright as I did my last two Sony phones anyway.

Jamal B

What a loss… As a Sony huge fan I will stick to their phones thanks to Amazon which I recently placed an order for the xperia 1 and will be waiting for it it hopefully will be getting it on the release date…

Daine Petrou

Look. A lot of people over look the fact that Sony xperia have always been nipping at Samsungs heels.
Now ponder this.
Apple flagship…. not even a consideration for me as I’m not spending 2000.00 on a phone.
Samsung flag ship $1200.00
Song flag ship $800.00
Prices in AUD.
Sony phone are a decent phone.
Like anything Sony could do better.
Is a no brainer for me as I refuse to pay even 1000 dollars for a phone so Sony was good enough for me and compatible with play station and Vaio laptop.


Owned a Z2 and a Z5P
Two great phones
Gone with Pixel now , but will happily buy another Sony.

David V Higgins

Doesnt really stop diehards like me, just buy outright over internet, charger the only real downside

Janne Moisander

Z1 was way ahead of its time. Apple stole the limelight as per usual.


Xperia Z3… best…phone…ever!!


Long Live the Z3 compact. Although I am using the X10 which is a great handset also, I will always love a compact.


Makes sense, If people aren’t buying your product, you move on to where they are.