A few years ago Google realised that Android was not entirely suited to the enterprise market and began a big push forwards adding in features for that sector and improving the overall security for users. Now there is research showing that Android has in fact surpassed iOS with security.

According to research performed by IDC there is “strong Android adoption across a range of industries” with 78% of business device (mobile computers including smartphones, tablets and rugged machines) shipments worldwide running Android.

Within organisations that offer BYOD 68% of the BYOD devices were Android in 2018. 77% of U.S.-based multinational firms prefer Android devices with those Android-majority deployments having a higher satisfaction rate than a mixed or iOS only deployment.

It isn’t just the users themselves that are flocking to Android within the enterprise sector but the system administrators as well with 74% of U.S.-based IT decision makers believing Android Enterprise Recommended devices are more secure and enterprise-grade than iOS devices. Research backs this belief up with Android-majority firms experiencing 11% fewer regulatory/compliance issues, 8% fewer mobile phishing incidents and 5% fewer issues integrating mobile devices with their back-end systems.

If you want to check out the full reports you can head over to the IDC website or just check out the cool infographic they have created.

Source: IDC.
Via: Google Blog.