We’ve been tracking which Australian financial institutions have added support for Google Pay to their product offerings. One thing we have found is that it’s hard to find an updated list of all of the institutions who currently support the feature. Even Google’s own Australian Google Pay page doesn’t have a completely up to date list.

In order to make it easier to see who does support Google Pay in Australia, we’ve created this list, some of it with your feedback. If you notice an institution missing hit us up in the comments and if we can verify it we will add it in.

Let us know below if we have missed anyone.

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    Timoleon Papachristodoulou

    Qudos Bank joining

    Dean Rosolen

    Even if a bank supports Google Pay, that doesn’t always mean all their cards are supported (St George for example). In such cases, there should be a note added to the listing saying that only certain cards are supported.


    The same with Newcastle permanent Building Society, which you have listed. Tried with our cards and no go. Gpay says not applicable to organisation etc. !!!!

    Dean Rosolen

    I can’t even find any Google Pay information on their website (the provided link doesn’t even mention it).


    Yes, searched and searched Ncle Perm site and nothing about Gpay at all. I think someone at Ausdroid has their wires crossed.

    Chris Rowland

    It appears they said it was coming in March 2019 (see the Internet Archive, here: http://web.archive.org/web/20190313141847/https://www.newcastlepermanent.com.au/tools-and-services/guides/digital-newsletter/updates-to-our-digital-space) but they’ve since removed all references to it.


    Yet still no Citibank