The growing availability of home security devices, particularly cameras has been growing for some time and shows no sign of slowing down. What the devices are doing is becoming less conspicuous.

That is exactly what has happened with the Floodlight Security Camera from Swann.

Because the home security scene is so heavily contested, it seems that anyone wanting to be a contender is ready for smart home integration. One of the strategies that designers are using is to make devices smaller, blend in or appear as though they are another device like a sensor light. The Swann offerings are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa out of the box so you can not just get notifications of movement, but you can actively monitor the covered area.

There’s a solid set of capabilities in the Floodlight Security Camera too including Motion sensing lighting, True Detect Heat Sensing (A Swann specific technology), 2-Way Talk, Audible Siren to scare potential intruders, Colour Night Vision, A 1080p Camera all in an inconspicuous black body.

As you’d expect from any Wi-Fi connected device in the current era, the accompanying app will give you visibility and communication to anyone or anything that happens to be in the area covered by your camera. A hugely useful function should you have deliveries come to your home, or friends and family that arrive unexpectedly to communicate that you’ll be with them in a moment or to leave boxes by the door.

For anyone who doesn’t want to spend significant funds on a once off security setup for your home, then Swann are one of the manufacturers you can look to for a system that can be built over time piece by piece. It’s available now online for $299 (plus charges from your electrician to connect to the power) and looking like its worth investing in if you’re setting up your home security.

Source: Swann PR.