Domino’s Pizza is investing in new technology that will help ensure you get a pizza that actually looks like it should. By monitoring the toppings used and the outcome of the baking process, Domino’s hopes to rid itself of its most common complaint – “my pizza doesn’t look like it does on the menu”.

The new technology, called Pizza Checker, is being rolled out nationally to each Domino’s store. The process utilises camera technology which grades individual pizzas on certain qualities, such as the topping volume and spread of the toppings, as well as the amount of cheese used.

According to Domino’s Australia and New Zealand chief executive Nick Knight, this new technology is already showing results. In an investor call

“So far, it’s analysed more than one million pizzas, and there is a lot of learning that we’ve captured.

It’s early days, but I’m really pleased with what we’re seeing. Team members are using this technology to put a much needed extra focus on product quality.”

While customers won’t be able to see photos of their pizzas captured this way, they will see the results, and customers are happy with positive change in quality:

“In my experience, when we’ve tackled one of the biggest customer tensions, like we did with GPS drivers, those things have flowed through to sales,” Knight told investors and analysts.

The new technology utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to help grade pizzas at the store, to ensure they meet the customer expectations. Eventually – but not yet – customers will be able to see a real time image of their cooked pizza and it will let them know if the pizza has failed to live up to Domino’s standards (and needs to be re-made).

Source: Inside Retail.