OnePlus announced and released their first ultra-premium smartphone a couple of weeks ago and although it scored highly on DxOMark it left reviewers and users a bit underwhelmed by the quality of its camera. Out of the box for users there was an immediate camera update but that wasn’t enough with the quality still not up to the expected standard.

OnePlus promised another update within a week and today they have started a limited roll out of it. The staged rollout, designed to check for “critical bugs” before a wider rollout, brings with it some system fixes as well as the expected camera fixes.

The changelog is as follows:

  • System
    • Optimized Double Tap to Wake and Ambient Display
    • Fixed an issue that causes an audio delay with the Bluetooth headset when playing games
    • General bug fixes and improvements
  • Camera
    • Improved image quality in HDR scenarios
    • Improved image quality in low light
    • Fixed white balance issue in several scenarios
    • Fixed focus issue in several scenarios

At this stage there is no indication which areas will get it first — I have tried with every country where it has been released and still do not have it — but if all goes well in the next couple of days you would expect it to roll out to everyone by later this week.

At this stage there is not a lot of detail on how good the camera fixes are but the usual whiney voices on the OnePlus forums say it isn’t much better but we will wait for a wider sample before making any calls on it. I am currently downloading the update manually and will test it out in the coming days.

There are often updates to software immediately after phones are released and OnePlus are no different. It does make you wonder how they managed to score 111 on DxOMark though if this many people are unhappy with the camera. You don’t hear many people unhappy with the Huawei P30 Pro camera (112), just a lot of “woahs”.

Source: OnePlus Forums.
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You can’t. It’s not officially sold in Australia. On that basis, I don’t believe anything OnePlus related is news worthy.
Maybe Ausdroid should start reporting Xiaomi news as well? (Xiaomi is my favourite Chinese Android manufacturer).


I believe OnePlus devices are sold through Kogan, and you can get them from eBay too.

100% agree on the Xiaomi reporting though. My Pocophone is miles better (and cheaper) for my needs than every other phone available in Australia.


Where do you even buy this in Aust?


I ordered mine from ebay.
You can also get it from kogan.
You might be able to get it from Amazon? Just try the major importers (: