Vivo started the hidden camera trend and full screen display with the Vivo Apex and it’s pop-up camera. This year their prototype Apex phone did not even have a front-facing selfie camera which is a bit out there. Now their publicly-available industry pushing phone will have a detachable module.

Overnight press material has emerged demonstrating the Vivo NEX 2 and its camera module. The front of the phone is once again a full screen display but this time there is no pup-up, slide up or any hidden-away camera modules for the selfie camera. This time they are creating a detachable camera module.

Yes, that’s right. The rear triple camera module can be detached and, using magnets, attached to the front of the phone on the display. Detaching the module from the rear automatically opens the camera module and according to the press material it does not even need to be attached to the phone to work. Wirelessly it can be triggered — as shown above where the camera module looks to be attached to a wall and the phone is still the viewfinder.

All of this sounds implausible to me and I would take this ‘leak’ with a very large helping of salt. There does not appear to be any pogo pins etc. Does that mean that even when attached to the phone it communicates wirelessly to the phone? This may well be the next innovation in camera modules but to me looks like a solution with many unsolvable problems — how often do you think it will get lost too?!?!

I would have thought the next front-facing camera solution would be the transparent display or camera behind display but you never know. The renders look official and show the full screen curved display and everything else in what appears to be the right position but as I said grains of salt required.

Via: Zol.