Acer’s ConceptD product range is aimed at creative types who need niche features that can’t necessarily be found on more wide-market products. At Computex, Acer showed off the ConceptD notebook range aimed squarely at creators.

The ConceptD notebooks are full of thoughtful features for creators. Most attractive to photo or video editors will be the high quality screens. All three models feature full Adobe RGB colour gamut coverage with excellent colour accuracy will provide a great tool when adjusting visual content for print or film. The displays also come colour calibrated with PANTONE validation.

Starting at the bottom of the lineup, the ConceptD 5 provides a premium metal build, 8th gen Intel i7, and a fantastic 4K display. Small bezels around the screen mean little area is wasted. Lots of ports are available, including full size HDMI, an SD card slot, DisplayPort and multiple USB ports.

Moving up to the ConceptD 7 will net you a newer 9th gen Intel i7 and a beefy RTX 2080 discrete graphics chip without much extra weight or size. A stronger WiFi card is also included, providing a more stable wireless connection. The more powerful hardware allows for real-time 6K video editing and faster rendering performance in video applications.

At the top end of the lineup, the ConceptD 9 is a more specialised device with a unique hinge design. The easel-like hinge allows for easy positioning to draw comfortably on the 17-inch screen. Wacom EMR pen functionality is built in, allowing for greater pressure sensitivity and pen accuracy. Packing the most horsepower of the trio, the ConceptD 9 features an Intel i9 processor paired with an RTX 2080 chipset.

Despite launching overseas in April, local pricing is yet to be confirmed. Converted prices suggest the ConceptD 5 will start at around $2400, the ConceptD 7 at around $3200, and the ConceptD 9 at an eye-watering $7000. It might be better to ask your IT department nicely for one than to buy one yourself.

Source: Acer.