AI continues to develop at an astronomical speed. So much so that Google Lens is becoming capable of recognising more and more items, but contextualising and expanding on them. The new feature rollout is further testament to how far the technology has come in a relatively short time.

Automatic scanning provides relevant information – based on a number of factors – to you about the item which can be specifically targeted in the other new features.

Dining experiences

The dining out experience is set to change with the ability to highlight populate menu items. All you need to do is point your phone at the menu. Lens will highlight popular dishes as well as link you to Google Maps results. These results show users what the dish looks like, perhaps more importantly – what customers are saying about it.

It’s not clear how widely this feature will be available, just yet.

Real world text

A previously-announced option to copy and paste from your screen and use that on your device is rolling out to a wider audience. This could be anything from passwords or other useful codes, addresses, recipes or (already live) contact details.

Translate is capable of real-time translation and it’s very handy if you’re travelling. Point your phone at a sign and provided you have a data connection, you’ll see a translation into your preferred language. This function has been available for a while now, however the expansion to over 100 languages is impressive to say the least.

Shopping comparisons

Doing your shopping and comparing pricing just became easier with expanded capabilities to read barcodes for further information about exact items you’re looking at. Similar items for sale (or to get price matches from your preferred stores!) will be displayed with some context around pricing as well.

All hugely impressive functions to scan, recognise, contextualise and present relevant data back to users in, or near real time. I’m personally very keen to try out the dining features next time I go out with my family. If no other reason than to see what other restaurant goers have said about my favourite dinners.

The features are rolling out as we speak, so keep your eyes peeled for updates coming to your phone.

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    Google Lens told me a photo of a mole on my shoulder was a TORTILLA. Doctor told me it was Melanoma.


    Thankfully google was there to correct the doctor, or you’d be poying to have a tortilla removed.