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If you’re in Sydney and you’re considering buying a Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 or S10 Plus, Samsung might have a deal for you if you stop by their Electric Playground Vivid installation.

According to OzBargainer metro2012, Samsung will sell you one of the phones at a 20% discount if you speak with staff at Vivid. The 20% off discount brings the wallet-friendly S10e to an even-more wallet-friendly $960 (RRP $1199), a standard Galaxy S10 to $1080 (RRP $1349) while the super-sized Galaxy S10 Plus comes down to $1200 (RRP $1499).

There’s a limit of one phone per person, and the offer doesn’t cover the new 5G model which is only available from Telstra on a plan at the moment.

As always though, it pays to shop around before you jump. While 20% off is an attractive offer, you might find the same or similar prices elsewhere. A commenter on OzBargain points out that the S10e is $987 on Amazon and is discounted by 5% for Prime members which will beat Samsung’s discount by some $30.

Still, if you’re looking for something to do you could certainly stop by Samsung’s Galaxy Studio and Electric Playground on one of the quieter nights and see if you can score yourself a bargain.

Source: OzBargain.

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