With Google changing up their hardware branding for Home devices at Google IO 2019 from Google Home to Google Nest, we figured it may not be long until we started hearing rumours about devices for Made by Google 2019. It seems we’ve jumped straight from rumour to confirmation.

Overnight, we’ve seen a new device from Google pass through the FCC: say hello to the ‘H2B’. For interest’s sake, the new Google Nest Hub Max was H2A, Google Home was H0A, the Google Home Max was H0B and the Google Home Hub was H1A, and the Google Nest Hub Max was H2A.

That all points very strongly to the device that got certified today being a part of the Google Assistant hardware line up from Google/ Nest. Hardware- wise we know it supports WiFi and Bluetooth and has an internal 3.8-volt battery. Yep, an internal battery this may well be the first battery powered, and thus semi-portable Google Assistant device from Google Nest.

Why Semi portable? There’s no SIM card in the device so you still need to be within the range of a WiFi network or a mobile hotspot.

With the Made by Google event not due for months and Google not traditionally having their products certified early, we may be seeing this new portable Google Nest Home Portable sooner rather than later.

Source: FCC.