Those who are active users of Gmail on Android will recognise the Smart Compose feature, which offers quick replies in a similar way to Messages. That offering has finally been made available for G Suite and iPhone users, who will see the function become available across the next couple of weeks.

As with many of the AI driven features, as a starting point you’ll find common phrases suggested based on your first few sentence words – but if you use it freely, over time you’ll note that the replies become more naturally “you”.

It’s a very useful feature when you’re on your phone and just want to get a quick reply over to someone, but feedback I’ve had and my use case shows it’s not heavily used on desktop or my tablet where I can type faster than reading, processing and accepting the suggested sentence.

Smart reply is an amazing and somewhat fascinating feature, I have personally sent complete replies without needing to think about what to say. This makes me wonder how long it will be until Gmail composes a response to an email before you’ve read it, suggest the response and simply wait for your approval to send it.

AI is on the rise, is this something you want, or do you think we should be wary of skynet it taking too much control over our lives?

Source: 9 to 5 Google.